2014 Results

2014 IAFHEE Scholarship Invitational Results

golfersWow, what an event! We had 90 golfers participate in the 2014 IAFHEE Scholarship Invitational and even had a small gallery on some of the holes. Everyone’s patience throughout the day was tremendous as we sent all 90 golfers off on time! Although the day was hot and steamy (the scores not so much), we hope that everyone enjoyed their time and really appreciate your support of our mission in recognizing high school graduates across the state of Iowa.

A special thanks to those individuals that stepped up to help the IAFHEE Board members in putting together this massive event. Mr. Det Phantavong (hurt back and all) for grilling; Mr. Meuy Luangdetmalay and his girls for providing delicious banh mi sandwiches and drinks; Mr. Chris Lo for tee box announcements; Mr. Khone Keoouthai for recording scores; Mr. Yeth Yin for assisting at the registration table; Mr. Dao for his photography; just to name a few. Also, a special thanks to Mr. Jeff Chiodo and his staff at A.H. Blank Golf Course for hosting our event this year.

Congrats to flight winners! There were 3 scores of 78, 9 scores of 88, 4 scores of 97, and 3 scores of 100. Places were determined by handicap holes.

Championship Flight:

Ricky Fangdora – 75
Bear Manivong – 77
Max Lengsavat – 78

First Flight:

Ott Baccam – 88
Phaly Hoang – 88
Muey Luangdetmalay – 88

Second Flight:

Bo Manivong – 97
Derek Souriyadeth – 98
Lott – 100

Finally, thank you to all the golfers that made this happen. Without your continued support, IAFHEE would not be able to progress with our mission and provide our model for what we believe are life-long learning opportunities for all individuals, in every facet of life. It is important that we lead the way for our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, cousins, nephew, nieces, and grandchildren; to continue to push them to pursue high goals and a better quality of life; their EDUCATION